What does section 48 bar mean? and What should I do?

As mentioned in the Migration Act of 1958
If you have had a visa cancelled or refused since last arriving in Australia and you are either unlawful (that is – you do not hold a visa) or you hold a bridging visa you are then in what is called ‘section 48 bar’.
If you are ‘section 48 barred’ you are prevented from lodging most other visa applications while you are in Australia (there are some very limited exceptions). This means that you would normally need to leave Australia.
Becoming unlawful in Australia or overstaying your visa can negatively affect future visa applications and eligibility for citizenship.
There will only be a limited choice of visas that you still can apply for onshore after you section 48 barred such as Partner visas and Bridging visas. In most cases, you will have to travel out of the country before you can apply for a new visa.
However, your case might be complicated. Therefore, we recommend you to contact us ASAP.
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