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Requirements of Admissions into Nursing Program in Australia

Diploma of Nursing

Learn more about the Requirements of Admissions into Nursing Program in Australia. What qualifications do I need to become a registered nurse in Australia.

The minimum academic requirement for admissions into the Diploma of Nursing program in Australia is the completion of Year 12. The English requirement is overall 7 no band less than 7 in IELTS or 65 each in PTE. The occupation that is available in the Department of Home Affairs Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is an Enrolled Nurse through the completion of Diploma of Nursing course. Since this occupation is listed under the Short-Term List (STSOL), there are only certain visa subclasses that the applicant can avail. For example, one can apply for the State Sponsored Subclass 491 or Subclass 190.


Bachelor of Nursing

The academic and English requirements for the Bachelor of Nursing Program in Australia are very similar to that of Diploma of Nursing, which means at least a year 12 completion and 7 each in IELTS or 65 each in PTE. Depending on the provider, the GPA requirements could differ. Individual providers normally provide advice on whether the applicant meets direct entry into a Bachelor of Nursing or not once the application is submitted. The entry requirements can also be confirmed by referring to the colleges and universities websites. With Bachelor of Nursing in Australia, the occupation that is available in the SOL list is the Registered Nurse. Registered Nurses in Australia can avail visa subclasses such as 189,491 and 190. There are also certain Employer Sponsored Visas that are available for Registered Nurses if you meet the requirement. The most popular visa subclass amongst the Registered Nurses is the Subclass 190 for Victoria - Melbourne. So, if you have recently graduated in Nursing from a Victorian College or University, you can apply for Subclass 190 in Victoria with at least 65 points. For those who have graduated in Nursing outside of Melbourne can also apply for Subclass 190 Victoria with 65 points, 60 points of your own and then 5 points from the state as long as you can provide evidence of relocation to Victoria. You could also be asked for Job Offer Letter too as the requirement keeps on changing. [Read: Diploma vs. Bachelor of Nursing]

Master of Nursing

There are two types of Master of Nursing program offered in Australian universities. One is the Endorsed Master of Nursing and the other is the General one.  With the endorsed Master of Nursing, one can register as a Registered Nurse upon the course completion. This nursing program is designed for those applicants who do not have nursing background. For example, if you have an IT or Accounting background and you can provide a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement on why you want to pursue this course and you meet the academic and English requirement, you could be eligible for an Endorsed Master of Nursing program. The other Master of Nursing program which is a bit general is recommended for Overseas Registered Nurses. If you are an overseas nurse who's already registered in Australia, however, you don't meet the academic requirement to be eligible for certain visa subclasses such as State Sponsored 190 or you need extra 5 points for SC 189 or if you want to add additional skills to your role as a Registered Nurse, you could opt for a Master of Nursing in Melbourne or Sydney.

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