Visitor Visa

How to Get Your Tourist Visa

Nexor Education and Migration Services helps you to obtain an Australian Tourist Visa or Evisitor Visa, without the hassle. Our migration experts keep track of the latest amendments to Australia’s transitory visa procedure, ensuring you that the changes will not affect your visa’s approval.

With Nexor, you will meet the expectations and requirements of Australia visa officers and enjoy your temporary stay in the Land of the Great Barrier Reef and so much more.

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Visa Services

Partner Visa

Our professional legal assistance and Australian partner visa services help married couples and de facto couples to enter and remain in Australia with their partner.

Permanent Visa

Australia Permanent Residency Visa- allows people across the world to enter, settle permanently in Australia. Contact us today to learn more about the eligibility criteria and requirements for Australian Permanent Residency.

Student Visa

Our consultants provide assistance with student visa applications, requirements and eligibility assessments. We'll help you get through the entire Australian Student Visa process, hassle-free.

Visitor Visa

Apply for your Australian Tourist Visa with us. Bring family to Australia for graduation ceremonies, wedding functions and many other special occasions.

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