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Nexor Education and Migration Services is a registered, reliable and experienced migration agent. Our team provides professional advice on visa applications, helping applicants explore the best visa options based on parameters such as their age, academic qualifications, work experience, language abilities and more.

Student Visa

To study at an Australian educational institution, you must acquire a valid Student Visa. Nexor Education and Migration Services will help you through the Student Visa application process, guiding you through every step and fulfilling all your queries.

We will also assist you in selecting suitable courses and universities based on your budget and career goals.

Immigration Stamp

Partner Visa

Partner Visas allow married couples to enter and remain in Australia with their partner. They are closely scrutinised by Australian Immigration and applications with poor evidence of the relationship will be refused.

At Nexor Education and Migration Services, our agents will work tirelessly to ensure your Partner Visa application meets the current and legislative Australian Migration policy criteria. Call us to discuss which type of Partner Visa is most suitable for you and your partner.

Visitor Visa

Nexor Education and Migration Services allows you to obtain a Visitor Visa for Australia, minus the hassle. Our migration experts always keep track of the latest amendments made in Australia’s transitory visa procedure, ensuring you that the changes will not affect your visa’s approval. With Nexor, you will meet the expectations and requirements of Australia visa officers and enjoy your temporary stay in the Land of the Great Barrier Reef and so much more.

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Permanent Visa

There might be a number of Permanent Visa options available to you depending on your work experience and qualifications. All these visa options have different requirements ranging from language ability, employment history and skills assessment. Come talk to our experts about your resume and qualifications and we will advise you on the best possible paths to permanent residency in Australia.

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