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How to go From TR to PR through the Job Ready Program

How to go from Job Ready Program to either a SC 491, a SC 189/190 or through the employer pathway, the SC 482 to the SC 186?​

Our registered migration agent, Spandan Karki talks in detail about this.

There are a lot of students that are studying a trade qualification and are quite confused about what is next? What do I do after a temporary residency visa i.e. TR? What the Job Ready Program is? What are the pathways? How can we go to permanent residency i.e. PR?

So, let's start by how to get to Temporary Residency which is the SC 485 which will then lead to pathways about how to get to PR through the SC 482, SC 186 or through the General Skilled Migration, the SC189/SC 491/SC 190.

First and foremost to get TR, you need to make sure that you have studied for 2 years in Australia. So, your total duration of all your courses including the Certificate III, IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, whatever it may be must be a minimum of 92 weeks or greater.

Then you need to make sure that you have the English language 6 overall no less than 5 equivalents to that of the IELTS or anything that is acceptable in terms of the English Language.

Remember, you have to have 360 hours to do the first Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) on your Job Ready Program. The 360 hours can be part of your coursework. So, you can do that in your Certificate III, or you can do employment as well. The 360 hours can be at any point before you apply for TR. So, it does not have to be after Certificate III or Certificate IV.

Once you get the 360 hours, finish your course, get the English language, then apply for TR with the 360 hours PSA.

Once that's approved you will do what you call a Job Ready Employment Registration (JRE) where you register an employer in your nominated occupation then do the Job Ready Program which has to be done over a minimum of 12 months. You cannot do it any earlier and there will also be a test at the halfway mark which you need to pass in your occupation. And in the end, you will have to do finalization where you send them all the evidence of employment such as bank statements, payslips, whatever they ask for and then you'll complete the Job Ready Program.

Job Ready Program

Job Ready Program (JRP)

The Job Ready Program essentially leads to what we call the Skills Assessment. So, with the Job Ready Program you do not actually get points for having a skills assessment. A lot of people get confused that they can claim 5 points for Job Ready Program Skills Assessment but you're not actually claiming points for a Skills assessment, the 5 points that most people claim is for the job ready program which takes 12 months which is the employment component of it that gives you the 5 Points not the actual skills assessment. So, once you get your skills assessment then you assess your options to see what is remaining.

Job Ready Program (JRP) Guidelines

Now, a lot of people would be working pre-TR or just 1-year Job Ready Program. Let us look at the people that only work during the Job Ready Program. Unfortunately, you cannot apply for any employer sponsorship visas because to apply for a SC 482, you need a minimum of two years full-time work experience. Now, that employment can be pre-qualification or post qualification, you can use part-time as well. For example, let's say you had worked for 2 years part-time during your studies and then 1 year for your Job Ready, the 2 years part-time would equal to 1 year full time which would then make it 1 year full time during your student visa and then 1 year full time during your TR that will give you 2 years which would make you eligible for the SC 482, the Employer Sponsorship Visa.

Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) Guidelines

So, for the SC 482, if you have formal qualification meaning you've studied formally, you only need 2 years of work experience at any time, it can be prior full-time/part-time, it doesn't matter you can apply for a SC 482. But if you do not have formal qualification, you can't go for the SC 482 unless you have a skills assessment which would require you to have 3 years full-time experience in a minimum of an RPL. So, for people that have only worked one year full-time during the job ready program your only options would be the GSM which would be the SC 491/ the SC 189/ the SC 190 in New South Wales.

State Visa Requirements - Are you eligible?

Sydney Habour

Every state is different but New South Wales is predominantly a point-based system, so you need to meet conditions in New South Wales meaning that you need to live in New South Wales. But in Victoria SC 190 for chefs, or any other occupation Trade Occupations, you need five years of work experience post qualification after Certificate IV so you'd be eligible for a SC 491 or a SC 189 not a SC 190 Victoria.

For Victoria, there is no SC190, but you can do the SC 491. Now the rules before Victoria stop the SC 491, SC 190 applications this June is that you would have just needed a one-year offer letter from a regional employer.

Job Ready Program (JRP) for Chef

Let us just take Chef as an example. You would need an offer letter for 1 year from a business that has been trading in the Regional area for a minimum of 2 years and it needs to be a 12 month contract at the minimum anything more than that is obviously great and the minimum work hours is 38 hours a week. If you do that, you can apply for the SC 491 as long as you have 50 points on your own. The State will then give you 15 points to make it 65 points. Then you can apply for the SC 491 and which is still provisional PR which can lead to PR after three years of living in a regional area and earning $53,900 per annum for 3 years. So, that is a very easy way if you are in Victoria.


For the SC 189 you need to obviously go through the points test. Right now, 90 points. It may come down to 85 points but again that depends on how the department/the budget’s coming out. There's a lot of factors in that but 90 points at this point in time trying to get as many points as you can that's how you go through the GSM.

Family Sponsorship for Chef

You can also do Family Sponsorship for Chef because it's on the Medium Long-Term list. So if you have a family member, your first cousin, uncle, aunt, brothers or sisters that live in a regional area in Australia, you can claim 15 points and go through the Family Sponsored. How the department is going to allocate SC 491 invites and SC 189 invites are yet to be seen but that's the option that would open up for you if you only have 1 year experience in just your TR Job Ready. But the majority of applicants working in the trade occupation usually have work experience in their student visa. So, there is a lot of students that do work part-time while studying and obviously they have one and a half years of full-time work experience in their TR. A lot of people will try their best to get points for SC 189 but obviously, that's not the case for everybody to get the required 85 to 90 points, also not everybody can find Regional Sponsorships, or maybe that might not be their choice.

So, what you can do is use your work experience from your part time and your TR to go on a for a SC 482 visa and Employer Sponsorship visa. What that does is two things - that will give you full time work rights and lead to the SC 186 direct entry. So just because you are on a SC 482 visa, you don't need to wait for 3 years through the transitional stream, you can go for what you call the direct entry stream. So, what that does is gives you a full-time work right. The SC 186 is an employer sponsorship PR, it is full PR, the requirements are three main requirements for the applicant. So, you need 6 each in English in IELTS/ PTE or any of the other accepted tests. There is no waivers for English unless you are a high threshold earner or you're a specific group of occupation like a religious worker. But again, that won’t apply to you. What you can do is the 3 years full-time work experience that you need counts after Certificate IV if you're a chef or if you're a motor mechanic after Certificate III, so depending on what your required certificates are.

Permanent Residency for Chefs

Let us just take chef for now. What you can do is use your work experience after Certificate IV even on a student visa and on your TR towards the three years’ experience. A majority of applicants will use all their experience in the student visa and TR to apply for the SC 482 and then to make up for the three years full time, which you need for the SC 186, we use the work experience while they're on a student visa on the Certificate IV as well as the one and a half years full time during the TR and then once they're on the SC 482, all they will then need to do is work one year full time on a SC 482, 1 and a half years whatever the case may be to make up the three years full-time post qualification. And then obviously they will have a skill assessment through the job ready program and can apply for SC 186 direct entry instead of waiting the three years what you need to do on a transitional stream to apply for permanent residency. Now the SC 186 can be done anywhere. It does not have to be a regional area. You can do it as long as your occupation is on the medium to long-term list.

Job Ready Program for Students

If you're a student, you've just done your TR, the points are not coming easily to you, it's very hard for you to get points and you don't want to go to SC 491, that's not an option for you. Then you can use your work experience during your student visa and your TR towards the 3 years requirements for the direct entry SC 186 and then work 1 year on a SC 482 to make up the 3 years. Then you just need 6 each and a skills assessment which you will already have during your TR Job Ready Program to apply for PR through the SC 186 direct entry stream. You can do that here in Melbourne or any capital city or regional area wherever you want to do, but the requirement is three years full-time after your Certificate IV for a chef, 6 each and a skills assessment and obviously need to have an employer willing to pay you Australian market rate for your occupation.

Melbourne Landscape

So that is the easiest way to do it if you are on a student visa or TR, that is the path where you can go through your employer sponsorship. It doesn't have to be points only, if your English is weak or you don't have a bachelor’s or a master’s apart from your diploma, then you can use that pathway.

There are various ways you can do this. We think that trade occupations are going to be easier than professional occupations. It is because the employer sponsorship component of is much easier. And for example, there is way more, Hospitality business willing to sponsor you as opposed to if you're an engineering or accounting graduate. So, it's also another reason to study trade courses.


In conclusion, if you've only worked less than two years or if you are likely to work less than two years doing your TR and your student visa, you go to the SC 189/ SC 4 91 pathway without having to go for another student visa because obviously going for a student visa is just wasting money and time and you want to get your pathway to PR during your TR or you don't want to go on another student visa. But if you've already worked part time when you are on student visa and you work full-time during your TR, you can go through the employer sponsorship Pathway to full PR.

Now just because you're on a SC 482 doesn't stop you from getting SC 189 or SC 491, that’s still an option, but obviously if you're on the employer sponsorship, it's an easier pathway for PR without having to do deal with trying to get as much points as you can so these are a few of the options depending on your situation you just need to strategize

You just need to understand where you're at, what do I need to do, what is option A or option B. If you're working in trades, there are a lot of options for trade workers as opposed to accountants or Engineers because for them,  employer-sponsored it's quite hard and a lot of people won't get jobs unless they have work experience or whole range of other factors, but for trade it's quite easy.

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  1. Altaf on May 19, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    For skill assessment for chef they need 3 years of work experience and for 482 they need 2 years of work experience. So after skill assessment why should one go for 482 instead of 186 its like a loophole in the requirements which need to be fixed.
    Either they should not be mandatory skill assessment for 482 or should be less experience requirement for skill assessment as chef

    • Anu on July 21, 2022 at 1:07 pm

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  2. Abhijit Mane on July 1, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    I was hoping to get some help/advice. I have finished my cert IV in motor mechanic,
    has anyone here done a trade course and gone through JRP ?
    I would appreciate it if you can give me some pointers on the next steps or just say hello so I know people read comments 😛😛.
    Thank you

    • Anu on July 21, 2022 at 1:07 pm

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