Genuine Temporary Entrant

What is a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) and why is so important?

GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant Criterion or SOP (Statement of Purpose) is a key part of some temporary visa applications for Australia.

This blog will look at why GTE is so important specifically for the purposes of a Student Visa.

Genuine Temporary

Besides the usual- offer from an education provider or COE to study your desired course, meeting the English requirements, proving that you can fund your studies in Australia; the GTE Statement is as important as others. This statement or a Letter is your opportunity to convince the assessing visa officer why you should be granted a Student Visa to Study in Australia. Students or Visa Applicants need to keep in mind that the documents you provide as part of your visa application only give a general insight into your personal situation. It is with the help of a well-structured GTE you will be able to provide your reasoning for choosing the desired course and your plans after you finish this course.

A well written and structured GTE will have the following:

The applicant’s Circumstances

  • Previous study
  • Gap in previous study (if applicable)
  • Current employment

The applicant’s circumstances in their home country

  • Ties to home country or country of residence
  • Economic situation in home country or country of residence

The applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia

  • Ties to Australia that present a strong incentive to stay in Australia
  • Level of knowledge of the proposed course and education provider
  • Previous study and qualifications
  • Planned living arrangements

Value of the course to the applicant’s future

  • If the course is consistent with your current level of education
  • If the course is relevant to past or proposed future employment in your home country or a third country
  • Expected salary and other benefits in your home country or a third country obtained with your qualifications from the proposed course of study

The applicant's immigration history

  • Previous visa applications for Australia or other countries
  • Visa refusals or cancellations

Writing a GTE that meets all the above requirements can sometimes be daunting. The department also allows visa applicants to write the GTE in your native language and provide a translated copy of the same.

As part of our visa and education service we assist applicants in ensuring that the GTE provided meets all the requirements the department has set out and in turn giving you the best possible chance of your visa application succeeding. Contact us and our team of expert agents would be happy to help you.

We also encourage future student visa applicants to visit the immigration department website.

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