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As your business grows or if you are looking for a particular skill, you may want to bring in international professionals to your business. The employer sponsorship visa provides a pathway for businesses in Australia to bring in skilled international employees, resulting in a talent pool that fulfils the needs of their company. 

This visa plays a significant role for employers who identify professionals overseas and wish to integrate them into Australian operations. The employee nomination visa in Australia also allows employers to retain their current international employees, who are looking to transition from temporary to permanent residency. Have a seamless process with Nexor Group, experts in everything visa and migration.

The Process of Sponsoring Visa for an Employee

The employer sponsorship visa in Australia allows companies to sponsor qualified overseas workers and is tailored for businesses seeking specific skills that are not readily available within the local market. When sponsoring visas for an employee, the requirements and process can get confusing. 

At Nexor Group, we are ready to help businesses understand the process for an employer sponsorship visa, so they can meet their organisation’s needs with the right individuals. 

Before an individual sends in their application to be sponsored by your business, employers must:

  • Assess the Need: Determine the requirement for an overseas employee to best provide for their business needs. When you find a talent perfect for the role, you can nominate them for the employee sponsorship visa.
  • Choose the Right Visa: Employers can select from the Direct Entry Stream, Labour Agreement Stream, or Temporary Residence Transition stream. Choosing the right stream is important as each employee has different circumstances and each visa has different eligibility and sponsorship requirements.
  • Ensure Compliance: With strict regulations enforced by the Australian government and migration services, your business must meet all legal and regulatory requirements for sponsorship. This will strengthen your application as a sponsor and increase your chances of being approved.

With the employee nomination visa in Australia, your employees can:

  • Live and work in Australia.
  • Access education and healthcare facilities.
  • Potentially transition to Australian citizenship.

If you’re looking to support your employees with studying while they skill up to contribute to your business, Nexor Group offers education migration services. Individuals in a genuine relationship with someone who is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen might also want to consider an Australian partner visa.

Employer Sponsorship Visa: Direct Entry Stream

The Direct Entry Stream of the employer sponsorship visa in Australia suits employees who:

  • Are skilled in an occupation on Australia's skilled occupation list.
  • Have at least 3 years of relevant work experience.
  • Meet language, health, and character requirements.

Employers who are nominating a candidate must demonstrate that they are:

  • Actively and lawfully operating in Australia.
  • Meeting training requirements.
  • Offering market wage rates.

Employer Sponsorship Visa: Labour Agreement Stream

This stream is for employers with a Labour Agreement with the Australian Government. It's suitable for industries with specific agreements allowing temporary or part-time employee sponsorship from overseas. To be granted this visa, individuals must meet the age, skill, English language, health, and character requirements. Employers will need to meet the criteria for the employer sponsorship visa as well.

Employer Sponsorship Visa: Temporary Residence Transition

For employees already on a 457 or TSS visa, this stream facilitates their transition to permanent residency. Both employer and employee must meet several eligibility criteria.

Processing Time for Employee Sponsorship Visa

Processing times for an employer sponsorship visa in Australia vary based on individual cases. Factors influencing the duration include:

  • Response times to information requests.
  • Availability of migration programme places.
  • External health, character, and national security checks.

Grow and diversify your business’ skill base and foster innovation through sponsoring visas for employees. Nexor Group specialises in navigating the complexities of employee sponsorship visas. Our certified immigration agents can simplify the process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. With expert guidance, we provide tailored support, ensuring a smooth visa application process for employers and employees.

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