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Wanting To Study In Australia?

Choosing a course to study and a university to attend in Australia can be overwhelming, with a wealth of quality options and numerous wonderful locations. If you’re unsure of where to start, speak with one of our experts before you apply.

Nexor Group has helped hundreds of international students achieve their goals to study in Australia. Our experienced and qualified counsellors would love to hear your plans and help you reach your aspirations. We also have an in-house team of licensed migration consultants who can assist you with your study or residency visas.

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Why Study in Australia?

Australia is home to stunning beaches, pristine rainforests, and welcoming cities, but these aren’t the only reasons to study in Australia.

Here’s why Aussie colleges and universities should be top of your list

World-leading educational institutions with quality teaching staff and best-in-class learning opportunities

Affordable tuition fees compared to universities in the United States and the United Kingdom

An exciting variety of courses available, including those in areas of law, business, medicine, humanities, engineering, nursing, and more

Several scholarship opportunities to explore

A permanent resident pathway to pursue

Flexible work rights, including up to 40 hours per fortnight during the semester and unlimited work hours during the holidays

Opportunity to gain work experience in Australia

Types of Degrees and Qualifications


With help from an education agent, you can undertake undergraduate or postgraduate study in Australia. Here are the types of degrees and qualifications available at Australian universities.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Australia

This undergraduate qualification typically takes three years to complete (or four years with Honours), with some institutions offering fast-tracked programs. Bachelor’s degrees represent the first stage of tertiary study and are required to embark on further study.

Graduate Certificates and Diplomas

Graduate Certificates and Diplomas are suitable for those that have already obtained a bachelor’s degree. These courses typically take one year to complete, with graduates able to continue their studies through a master’s or Doctorate program.

Master’s Degrees

Master’s degrees are among the highest levels of postgraduate education and are focused on research rather than practical skills related to a career path. These degrees take one to two years to complete, and graduates can progress to a Doctorate degree.

Doctorate Degrees

Doctorate degrees, which include PhDs, represent the highest level of education – entry into a Doctorate program requires proof of academic success or extensive experience within a chosen field. Those with a doctorate are recognised worldwide as being leading industry experts. Graduates may choose to progress their career or work in an academic environment as a researcher or professor.

Higher Education Providers

The successful ongoing partnerships we have built with quality education providers are clear evidence of our expertise and reliability.

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Request an appointment today for your initial consultation with one of our experts. Call us on 03 9111 0009